We Love Steven Universe!

Steven Universe Cosplay

Under Construction

I'll never forget my introduction to the world of Cosplay - my kids were 11 and 12 and begged to see AnimeCon, long looooong ago.  A whole new world sprang up about me - I had never realized cosplays could be so dramatic, so engaging, so..... *real*.

It's an experience I never forgot.

And in 2014, my youngest son asked to cosplay as Steven Universe.  I remember him showing me on Amazon the few components that were required.... a Steven Universe Shirt!  Red Flipflops!  Jeans!

He was adorable, he certainly was.  :)

And then I wondered.... what happens when my kids want to go all out and cosplay to the max?

I'm currently researching how to create cosplays from Amazon... and will hopefully have that up soon.  But in the meanwhile, perhaps these goodies from eBay might intrigue you: