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Hello and welcome to We Love Steven Universe because actually... who *doesn't* love this magnificent series by Rebecca Sugar?

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Steven Universe Primers and 101

In a nutshell, possibly a walnut shell, Steven Universe is a 'coming of age' story of a half-magical boy, Steven Universe... (one who could be patterned after my own son).  

Steven is loved for his positive attitude, love for his friends, compassion and represents the best humanity has to offer.  Here are some fun facts about Steven Universe:

And if you'd like a detailed explanation of the series as a whole, check out:

Next, did you know that Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar... and there's several great interviews with her and other folk involved with the show?

Look at these Steven Universe interviews:

 ...and if you prefer reading, check out:

Isn't that grand stuff?

Next, let's tackle Steven Universe and Social Media!

Steven Universe Social Media

Steven Universe TV

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Steven forever!



Speaking about Steven Universe, have you seen this great extended rendition of his theme song?

And don't forget Steven Universe in Ancient Latin...

And if you're looking for great Steven Universe eBay goodies, have you checked out: